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Driftwood and Metal Accented Wall Sculptures  
Every piece of driftwood has a texture and pattern all it's own. These pieces of driftwood have been carved by the elements. The wall
hangings shown below are in various sizes and are among the largest of the metal sculptures designed. Each piece of driftwood is adorned
with brass or copper leaves or leaves treated to bring out special fall colors and add a forest texture to any room.
No two driftwood pieces are
identical, therefore prices will vary.
Leaves may be added or subtracted to fit your needs.
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(NOTE: Each piece
is custom made and
may require two
to four weeks for
WMDW500-16" X 15"  $175.00
Evergreen on driftwood. Wall Mount.
WMDW501-14" X 12" $119.00
Maple on driftwood.
WMDW502-28" X 14"   $295.00
Red oak on driftwood.
WMDW503-21" X 11"   $161.00
Red oak patina on driftwood
WMDW505-32" X 17"  $309.00
Ivy on driftwood
WMDW504-54" X 12"  $225.00
This piece looks good across the top of windows.
GV1001 - 17" X 9" Copper-Patina  $75.00
6 leaf patina grapevine.
GV1000 - 30" X 12" Copper-Patina  $167.00
14 leaf patina grapevine.
WMGV1003 -15" X 19"   $125.00
Copper grapevine leaves mounted on driftwood.
WMGV1002-17" X 9" Copper  $63.00
6 leaf rainbow copper colored grapevine.
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WM3015 -15" X 17   $125.00
WM3016 -15" X 20" 3 Cluster Tree   $160.00
WM3017 -30" X 20" Pine Limb   $175.00